The walls of Ávila Apart from archaeological evidence that points to a primitive near the late ancient period (SV), and that would enclose a small space, the wall is essentially medieval. With a perimeter of 2,516 m (encompassing an area of 33 H), 87 towers or cubes, 9 doors and 2 gates, and 2,500 merlons, the […]

Gastronomic tourism

Gastronomic tourism Ávila has great diversity and gastronomic richness. From traditional starters such as the El Barco beans, the exquisite revolconas potatoes with torreznos or the Castilian soup, passing through the famous Ávila steak or the Tostón de Arévalo (Our restaurant, La Bruja, is the only operator in the capital) and finishing with the […]

wine tourism

Wine Tourism We organize your visit so that you can see first-hand some of the great wines that are being made in the area.